Nuts Greatly Reduce The Risk Of Cancer And Heart Disease

A recent major research showed amongst other things, that just eating nuts once in a while, lowered the death rate by 7% over 30 years!

Eating nuts once a week, lowered the death rate by 11%, whilst people who ate nuts five to six times a week had a 15% lower death rate!


The "Dana-Farber Cancer Cancer Institute", "Brigham and Women’s Hospital", and "Harvard".

The Research

People were asked every few years, for a period of thirty years, how often they had eaten a serving of nuts.

Never or almost never, one to three times a month, once a week, two to four times a week, five or six times a week, once a day, two or three times a day, four to six times a day, or more than six times a day.

"The most obvious benefit was a reduction of 29% in deaths from heart disease which is the major killer of people in America. And we also saw a significant reduction of 11%, in the risk of dying from cancer".

said Dr. Charles Fuchs of Dana-Farber, who led the team.

"In all these analyses, the more nuts people ate, the less likely they were to die over the 30-year follow-up period!

And Dr. Ying Bao of Brigham and Women’s Hospital said.

"Just eating nuts every once in a while lowered the death rate by 7% over 30 years. Eating nuts once a week lowered the death rate 11%, while people who ate nuts five to six times a week had a 15 lower death rate".

Weight Smoking And Exercise

"As compared with participants who consumed nuts less frequently, those who consumed nuts more frequently were leaner, less likely to smoke, more likely to exercise, and more likely to use multivitamin supplements; and they also consumed more fruits and vegetables and drank more alcohol".

Fuchs and colleagues wrote.

Nut eaters drink more alcohol!?

"It’s not clear what it is about the nuts that helps. We are really looking to understand what are the bio-active compounds in nuts".

says Fuchs.

Fuchs says it’s possible that nuts just replace unhealthy snacks in the diet, but he believes that much more is going on, and suggests that nuts possibly have an effect on inflammation and/or the metabolism.

And Weight Gain?

The people who ate nuts gained less weight over time than people who didn’t.

* Smokers and the obese were rejected from the study.

And Allergies?

British researchers recently carried out a trial with ninety-nine children, by giving them a tiny dose of peanut protein every day, with the amount being gradually increased.

The team found that 84% of the allergic children could eat the equivalent of five peanuts a day after six months!

* And peanuts by the way, aren’t nuts, but are legumes.

So Which Nuts Are Best?

Nuts Greatly Reduce The Risk Of Cancer And Heart Disease

For Your Heart?


All nuts contain heart-healthy omega-3 fats, but walnuts also have high amounts of (ALA) alpha linoleic acid.

Research suggests that ALA may help heart arrhythmias, and a 2006 Spanish study demonstrated that walnuts were as effective as olive oil at reducing inflammation and oxidation in the arteries after eating a fatty meal.

Your Brain?


Which is kind of surprising in light of the expression,

"If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys!".

Peanuts are high in folate, which is a mineral that’s essential for brain development, and peanuts are therefore a great choice for vegetarians who can easily be lacking in folate.

And peanuts are also excellent for pregnant women, who need extra folate to protect their unborn babies from birth defects.

The Best Nuts For Men?

Brazil Nuts And Pecans

Brazil nuts are packed full of selenium which is a mineral that’s thought to offer protection against prostate cancer and other diseases.

Pecans are loaded with beta-sitosterol, which is a plant steroid that is thought to relieve the symptoms connected with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), or an enlarged prostate.

And Almonds?

Almonds are relatively low in calories, and have more calcium than any other nut, plus, they are rich in fiber and vitamin E which is an antioxidant that helps fight dangerous inflammation, and possibly health conditions such as lung cancer and age-related cognitive decline.

A Late Night Snack?

The jury is out on this one because some professionals say that nuts will help you get a good a good night’s sleep, while others say to avoid them before going to bed.

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